What is email marketing: definition & types of emails

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most lucrative methods of direct digital marketing. Despite a technological revolution in recent years, email marketing campaigns have remained at the forefront of prospecting and lead generation.

From crafting and designing great email templates to sending, analyzing, and learning from the emails themselves, full-scale email marketing services are a prized possession for any business.

What is Email Marketing and how does it work?

Email marketing involves sending out emails to a variety of individuals or lists, engaging them in conversation about your products or services. The best email marketing services do this in a way that piques the interest of the reader, addressing their pain points and offering solutions.

These lists of people that receive emails have opted in, granting their consent to receive such emails. Agencies offering the best email marketing services manage the sending, tracking, and, analysis and reporting of these emails.

One of the main goals of email marketing is to identify prospects, build a relationship with them, and nurture this relationship. When done successfully, this approach converts these prospects into clients. Similarly, email marketing is used to nurture relationships with current customers.

A successful email marketing campaign, however, does much more than nurture relationships. When used correctly, marketing emails can indeed build these important relationships with clients and would-be clients, but it also goes much further, driving sales and giving a massive boost to brand awareness, and promoting your events and content, as well as your products and services.

A robust email marketing campaign can include several different types of emails. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular marketing emails.

Types of emails for Email Marketing campaigns

As mentioned, there are dozens of options when it comes to sending our marketing emails. While it’s important to know that there are options, and what options there are, it is vital to understand how each different type of effective marketing email can help your business prosper.

Newsletters are routine emails that get sent to subscriber lists to keep them informed on the latest news, updates, and information from that business, establishment, or organization. 

Newsletters will often go beyond simple updates, offering information on new products and services, upcoming events, and industrywide news or trends. Such emails impart valuable information to the reader, while also bringing the sender’s products, services, or events into focus for the reader.

Next, we have promotional emails. These, as you may have guessed, are emails that are used specifically to promote a product or service. These may be new products, they may be products available at a reduced price, or they could be emails that constitute a discount or special offer, incentivizing the reader to make a purchase.

Another type of email that you’ll see as part of a successful email marketing campaign is the transactional email. These emails are triggered by an action – a purchase, a registration, or something along those lines. These messages are valuable because they will give the subscriber a piece of important information, such as their order details, or a welcome message.

Re-engagement emails are the next we must discuss. They are used to try and re-engage a subscriber who has not been opening recent emails, nor following links contained in those emails. Re-engagement emails will often successfully encourage the subscriber to continue receiving communications from the business. 

Finally, we have abandoned cart emails, which are sent to customers that – you guessed it – abandoned a shopping cart after adding products to it. This email will show these products and provide the reader with a link to return to the site and complete their purchase.

By now, it should be a bit more clear that email marketing is a valuable tool on a digital marketer’s toolbelt. But how do the experts handle email marketing, and what kind of value can an email marketing campaign bring to your business?

How can inSegment’s Email Marketing Services fuel your digital marketing strategy?

inSegment’s experience crafting successful email marketing campaigns runs deep. The company’s full-scale digital marketing capabilities mean they can take full control of campaign planning and strategy, email template design and development, email list management, and email tracking, analysis, and reporting.

These interlinked services mean constant collaboration amongst teams, and constant communication with clients, keeping them up-to-date on campaign performance in real-time. 

By designing, crafting, and sending these targeted emails, inSegment delivers partners an increase in brand awareness, a boost to sales, a significant lift to customer engagement and satisfaction, and a massive influx in new, quality leads.

To sum up, email marketing is a powerful tool for any business, organization, or institution. By utilizing the experience gained from running various successful email marketing campaigns, inSegment’s email marketing services are an ideal option for your business, no matter your niche. 

What is email marketing: definition & types of emails

Email Marketing