Don’t Do This: Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Do This: Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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By now we all know that content marketing is a critical component of digital marketing success. You also probably know that successfully distributing content is just as important as the actual content creation. You can create excellent content, but if you don’t distribute it correctly, then it was a complete waste of time.

In one of our previous blogs, we shared with you some tips about how to get your content noticed. Social media sites, email, SEO, and link building are all great options to get your content out there. However, some content marketers abuse these distribution outlets.

When you’re sharing your content, it’s important to remember that you want to serve your potential customers, not suffocate them. Below are some common content practices that should be avoided at all costs.

  • Tweeting and Tweeting and Tweeting – Twitter is an excellent tool for distributing your content. A catchy tweet with a link will entice readers to want to learn more. However, companies and bloggers often go overboard with tweets. One tweet per blog post or article at a time is usually enough. There may be instances when tweeting more than once is appropriate, or you may at some point want to “recycle” and redistribute a popular content piece, but sending out 5 tweets for one blog post is overkill.
  • Ignoring Negative Comments – If you’re producing content for large audiences, chances are someone out there will disagree with what you’re saying. It’s important to respond to negative comments in a professional, prompt manner. This proves that you care about the customer and that you’re trying to fix the situation.
  • Embedding Links Instead of Link Sharing – When Facebook recently changed their newsfeed algorithm they were very explicit about the best way to share links. They clearly stated that it’s better to use link-share than to embed links. For some reason, people are still embedding links. Using link-share will create aesthetically pleasing links and get your content noticed.

Sharing your content the right way is vital to your marketing strategy. You have to find the right outlets for your content and you have to share it effectively. Here at inSegment we can help you share your content in appropriate ways on appropriate outlets. Contact our SEO and PR and Social Media departments if you need help distributing your content.