A comprehensive guide to improving your content syndication strategy

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With the sheer quantity of content available online today, any business looking to establish and nourish a relevant online presence needs to create high quality content. This, however, is just the first step, and to truly maximize the impact and reach of your digital content, you need to know how to implement a content syndication strategy. 

Content syndication involves sharing your content across relevant third-party platforms to reach a broader audience that far eclipses that of your own website and social channels. As you would imagine, being able to tap into a far greater audience offers businesses several benefits, and content syndication generates fantastic opportunities for businesses operating online.

For eCommerce businesses, in particular, content syndication offers a method of circumventing the well-established industry roadblocks, such as product discovery challenges, and the battle for brand credibility.

Why do Businesses Use Content Syndication Marketing?

There are a number of reasons why a business would begin utilizing content syndication marketing. As stated, content syndication allows businesses to interact with massive audiences and when they find the right content syndication partners, a full range of benefits is often the outcome. From the visible growth in popularity of the content to the invisible, long-term benefits for SEO, a proper content syndication strategy will generate great advantages for businesses.

Increased Brand Awareness

Getting your brand in front of the right eyes is often a numbers game. When you can put your brand in front of huge audiences, the odds of you coming out on top of this numbers game drastically increase. Building brand awareness can generate knock-on benefits, such as the ability to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Improved Website Traffic

Syndicated content often includes backlinks, or links that send the visitor to your own website. This approach generates valuable organic traffic and, more often than not, results in a boost to both potential leads and potential customers.

Enhanced SEO Performance

Creating backlinks from reputable and authoritative websites is another form of link-building that helps syndicated content to thrive. The links from websites that are respected within the online community will make your syndicated content even more discoverable, boosting your SEO efforts significantly. 

Content Amplification

Correctly implementing content syndication marketing breathes new life into your existing content. By extending the content’s reach, diversifying the receiving audiences, and maximizing its SEO-friendliness, your content will be primed to perform better than ever before.

How to Find Content Syndication Partners?

As with most areas of business, the key to success in content syndication often lies in the partners you choose to work with. Finding a suitable partner agency is vital, but so too is choosing the right platforms on which to focus your efforts. There are several key factors that should be considered when choosing, regardless of whether you’re an eCommerce business or in any other industry.

Industry and Audience Relevance

Choose platforms that cater directly to your target audience, or have a dedicated focus on your brand’s industry or niche. Engaging with massive, non-specific audiences can be tempting on large platforms, but it’s much more advantageous to begin by focusing your efforts on your normal target audience.

Traffic and Authority

Make sure the platforms you’ll use generate high traffic volumes and come with an established domain. These are the most authoritative websites that can maximize the reach and SEO benefits of your content, generating more organic visitors for your website.

Content Guidelines

Thoroughly investigate multiple websites and platforms to ensure your content adheres to their guidelines. Some platforms can be strict with their requirements, so your content will usually need to meet specific formatting, style, and quality standards to be accepted and published.

What is eCommerce Content Syndication?

Speaking specifically about eCommerce businesses, it’s important to note that content syndication offers unique advantages. Integrating a content syndication marketing strategy can be the difference between a successful online store and becoming just another forgotten digital retailer.

Educate and Nurture Leads

Building a rapport with audience members becomes a lot easier when you can provide them with valuable, educational content that addresses their paint points. Content syndication allows for just that, while also ensuring that potential customers are likely to find your eCommerce content wherever they spend their time online.

Drive Product Discovery

Attracting qualified leads becomes straightforward when your content reaches relevant sites and audiences. Showcasing your offerings through your content on various platforms that are relevant to your industry lets you increase your discoverability, driving traffic to your website.

Boost Conversions

By going one step further and ensuring that your content continues to effectively guide potential buyers through the sales funnel when visitors reach your website, you’ll likely see a big boost in conversions. Product descriptions, blog posts, and customer testimonials all have a role to play in turning a curious window shopper into the latest customer at your eCommerce business.

Content syndication is a key component of a successful digital marketing strategy for an eCommerce business given the particular challenges they face in their crowded marketplace. As we’ve seen, however, content syndication can bring opportunities to all digital businesses, if they have the guidance.

Partnering with a Content Marketing Company

Crafting a successful content syndication marketing strategy is a vital step for any online business, not just eCommerce businesses, if they want to increase their digital reach, build brand awareness and authority, and close more deals. Choosing the right platforms is key, but perhaps even more important is knowing when to defer to the experts.

Partnering with a full-scale digital marketing agency with relevant experience in your industry and content syndication expertise is a smart choice if you’re new to content syndication marketing. inSegment, one of Boston’s leading digital marketing agencies, has a dedicated content team that has been delivering results-driven content syndication strategies to partners for over a decade.

Contact inSegment today and learn about how you can maximize the potential of your content, whether you’re new to content syndication or you’re ready to take your efforts to a new level.

A comprehensive guide to improving your content syndication strategy

Content Marketing