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Look Before You Leap: 10 Things to Test Before Launching Your Website

9 minute read

Our founder and CEO, Alexander Kesler, was recently featured in the latest issue of Information Today. While the full article is available in their print publication, here’s a snippet for you to enjoy!

While Launching or re-launching your website is an exciting time for a brand, it’s a major undertaking that includes months of brainstorming, planning, designing, coding, writing, editing, and development.

After all that work, you’re excited to unveil the finished product; however, if you haven’t tested and retested every single element of your site, it isn’t quite finished yet. The following ten elements are often some of the most overlooked items on a website – and some of the most important to the success of the entire project.

User Experience Elements

User-friendly websites are integral for enhancing relationships with potential and existing customers. The experience that visitors have with your online platform is critical to their perception of your brand and the purchasing decisions they will eventually make.

  1. Forms

In most cases, forms are one of the last components of website design and development. However, they are one of the most important tools that your site has, as they allow you to capture leads and builds lists of interested potential customers. Before you launch your website, ensure your forms are functioning properly by answering the following questions.

  • Does the form align with the page’s content?
  • Are the instructions or calls to action clear?
  • Are you requesting the right information?
  • Is the information you collect from each for going to the right person?
  • If you are offering an incentive, is the correct asset in the form header?
  1. Social Media Integration

Social media is invaluable for its contributions to your company’s online visibility, customer engagement, and brand management. Therefore, these channels should be accurately and prominently represented on your website. Double-check to make sure that your social media badges or icons lead to the correct pages. If you are using plugins to encourage users to take a social action on your site, such as to Like your Facebook Company Page, confirm that they are placed properly and function correctly.

  1. Favicon

Have you ever visited a website, and noticed a unique icon on the address bar and tab? That is called a favicon, and it is a great tool to lend credibility to your site and to further establish your brand. Before you launch, make sure you have created your favicon using your company logo or a recognizable symbol, and have implemented it correctly on all your pages.


To read more, and learn about the Site Functionality & SEO Elements that are critical to test before a site launch, pick up the latest issue of Information Today!