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    Our business development team works together with our content creators to produce email marketing campaigns that have generated substantial results for partners. We identify quality leads, and nurture their relationship with your brand, utilizing the latest technology to deliver them a personalized email experience that drives them toward conversion.

    Lead generation and nurturing, new product announcements, newsletters, and template creation are just some of the email marketing campaigns we produce, each one tested and optimized based on our research and the results of the campaigns themselves, with regular reports shared with our partners, so we can help them make the best business decisions. Put your email marketing needs in the hands of inSegment’s digital marketing experts.


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    Template Creation
    Competitor Analysis
    A/B Testing
    Lead Nurturing
    Email Marketing
    Template Creation

    After setting goals together, we craft custom email templates that are specifically designed to align with our partners’ brand and help them reach the goals we initially identified. Our design team creates visually stunning templates, optimized for various devices, and crafted in such a way that they can be modified and customized to provide a more personalized experience to the receiver.

    Email Marketing
    Competitor Analysis

    Our competitor analysis for email marketing helps our partners understand precisely where they perform well and the areas in which we can improve together. We dive deep into the strategies and tactics used by competitors, seeing what works well, what doesn’t, and where we can find opportunities to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Consistently tracking our own performance, and comparing and contrasting these figures with competitors, allows us to share valuable insights with our partners, enabling them to, in turn, make smart, informed business decisions.

    Email Marketing
    A/B Testing

    We ensure that our partners’ new email campaigns are primed to perform well from the get-go by conducting thorough A/B testing of each element of our email campaigns. We do this by creating several versions of each email, changing designs, messaging, and calls-to-action, to identify which specific versions of the emails perform best.

    Email Marketing

    Our talented content writers utilize all the information gathered by our business development team to create highly personalized emails that demonstrate your brand’s  expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These emails not only speak to recipients in a tone that’s been identified as appropriate for that recipient, but they communicate with readers in a style that is likely to drive them toward conversion.

    Email Marketing
    Lead Nurturing

    inSegment has ample experience nurturing large pools of high-quality leads for our partners. After creating a large, targeted email list, we write compelling, unique email sequences to engage with leads, following a particular process and adding a personal touch, nurturing them over time from the moment they become interested in our partner’s company, to the moment they become customers. The messaging is analyzed and optimized, with findings ready to be implemented in the next campaign.

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      Leverage our Email Marketing Services

      No matter your industry, your company could benefit from inSegment’s email marketing services. Identify, target, and nurture more leads with our tailored campaigns.

      Digital marketing strategies for retail & ecommerce websites

      Retail & eCommerce

      Our email marketing campaigns change the way our partners interact with their current and prospective customers. Our custom-tailored campaigns speak directly to prospects and returning customers in a manner that’s been identified and tested as conversion-driving. We engage customers at various stages of their shopping experience, and we can build captivating sequences and emails including promotional emails, product recommendation emails, abandoned cart emails, and welcome emails. We help our partners increase customer engagement, effectively and efficiently promote their products, and, ultimately, drive sales.

      Digital advertising for higher education websites

      Higher Education

      Leveraging our email marketing campaigns allows our partners in higher education institutions to communicate consistently, effectively, and efficiently with current and prospective students, alumni, donors, and other prospective stakeholders. Our customized email campaigns introduce students and applicants to a school, college, or trade school that is operating in the modern day, with personalized, optimized, tested content designed to convert. For current students, our emails keep them informed on what’s happening around campus, building a stronger relationship between the institution and the student body. Alumni engagement, event promotion, and fundraising all fall into our capabilities, and our email campaigns have been shown to drive applicants, enrollments, retained students, and donations.

      Online advertising services for B2B & technology businesses

      B2B & Tech

      Strong email marketing capabilities are a must for any B2B or technology company. Finding and nurturing leads by keeping them engaged with personalized, compelling content is an important step in guiding individuals and businesses toward conversion. From the moment we set goals together, throughout our creation and testing processes, and right until we are analyzing the results, every step we take is focused on driving conversions for our partners. Our diverse skillset and capabilities mean we can do this in several ways, utilizing quality emails to announce new products, spread the word about upcoming events and appearances, always speaking to recipients in a personalized manner.

      Online marketing services for financial & corporate websites

      Financial Services

      Our partners in financial services have relied on our email marketing campaigns to help them stand out and hit their goals in what has become a saturated market. We set goals together, and then our business development team gets to work identifying leads, working in tandem with our content writers, who take this knowledge and use it to create customizable, personalized content that nurtures these targets from day one through to conversion. As well as keeping current members informed and engaged with our content, we promote our partners’ services, share valuable market insights, and offer genuine value in the form of informative emails, all of which combine to drive account openings, loan applications, and membership for our credit union and banking partners.

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      Part of this new product launch involves broad email campaigns, and inSegment helped us to develop those campaigns and helped to tie in our branding.

      William Bauser
      Marketing Manager, Harvard University Employees Credit Union
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