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    At inSegment, we understand the unique opportunities that influencers, through their influence and loyal followers, can offer brands. By creating partnerships with such individuals, our partners can drive engagement, and generate an incredible boost to brand awareness.

    We implement industry-leading tactics to make sure your influencer marketing campaign is a success, performing extensive, meticulous market and competitor research, identifying the right individuals with dedicated followings that can help propel our partners’ brands forward, and regularly providing advanced reports to maintain profitability throughout the campaign. Let inSegment find you the right influencers for your next campaign.


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    Influencer Marketing
    Market Research

    We conduct rigorous, vital research into our partners, their competitors, and any potential influencers that could promote their brands. We create a comprehensive analysis of key engagement metrics relating to potential influencers and their audiences, including how they engage with their audience, what results they deliver, and the demographics, interests, and behaviors of audience members. This research also allows us to not just run standout campaigns, but also to ensure that we are prepared to effectively manage influencer relationships, giving our partners’ campaigns the highest chance of success.

    Influencer Marketing
    Content Management

    The inSegment team of content creators boasts years of experience creating and executing omnichannel influencer campaigns, composed of sponsored posts, stories, and videos that have driven partners’ ROI from social media advertising. As well as crafting these campaigns, we monitor these influencers’ content, always ensuring that the content complies with the campaign guidelines we established with our partners on day one.

    Influencer Marketing

    As with all of our digital marketing tactics, our influencer marketing campaigns are subject to regular, advanced reporting and analytics, conducted to track campaign performance, identify opportunities, and help us identify what adjustments need to be made moving forward. The result is an evergreen, overarching strategy that can be applied campaign after campaign, keeping us focused on our collective goal of driving up our return on investment, and producing an authentic, valuable increase in brand awareness and recognition.

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