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    We help our partners maximize their returns from Twitter advertising by constructing robust campaigns centered on the goals we set together, whether that be building brand awareness, amplifying follower growth, increasing engagement and web traffic, or any combination of these.

    We craft content designed specifically for advertising on Twitter, researched, tested, and optimized thoroughly, and focused on target audiences that we have identified through behaviors, demographics, and intent. We generate regular reports to ensure the present campaign is a success, and that any valuable insights we can draw from this campaign can help inform the next, growing our partners’ ROI from their Twitter advertising efforts. Take your Twitter advertising to the next level with inSegment’s social media team.


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    Twitter Advertising
    Content Creation

    We create engaging content that is designed to perform well on Twitter. That means it’s concise, attention-grabbing, and customized to reflect the platform’s particular style and tone. We offer custom ad formats, including promoted tweets and promoted accounts, and our eye-catching graphics, interesting copy, and unforgettable videos resonate with users and help us drive conversions for partners. Our research, testing, and reporting ensure this content remains optimized throughout its lifecycle, maximizing potential returns from day one.

    Twitter Advertising
    A/B Testing

    We continuously improve the effectiveness and quality of our Twitter ad campaigns, pushing our partners to get – and stay – ahead of their competition. We test various elements of our ads on Twitter, including messaging, visuals, and calls to action. Our A/B testing also involves refining our partners’ target audience, delivery methods, and bidding strategies, all based purely on data-driven insights. This process allows us to identify which particular aspects of the campaign are performing well, which can be improved, and which should be analyzed further to make sure we are delivering the highest quality campaign possible.

    Twitter Advertising

    Our experience generating high-level, tailored reports helps accurately track not just important key performance indicators – such as engagements, revenue, and impressions – but also track trends and patterns in their audience’s behaviors and preferences. This valuable information puts us in a strong position to propose data-driven business decisions to our partners, informing them how to best allocate their advertising budget across platforms. The reports generated also act as valuable tools as we move forward into the next Twitter advertising campaign, where we can repeat lucrative actions, weeding out the unsuitable approaches in the process.

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    So they did a lot of background checking, and information gathering to understand our competition, who we are as people, what we are as a company, and then what message we want to get out to people.

    Peter Carbone
    Principal, Novaya Real Estate Ventures
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