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    We begin our partnership with a thorough discovery session to better understand your vision and goals for our collaboration. Our digital marketing team runs an audience segmentation process, creates usage scenarios, and defines website personas to ensure that your website’s design and content are aligned with your target audience.

    Our content team works together with our SEO specialists on creating and optimizing the ideal copy to engage and captivate readers, driving them toward conversion. Meanwhile, our website designers and developers get to work creating wireframes and crafting aesthetically pleasing, personalized, integrated websites that provide an enjoyable user experience, and, most importantly, help partners meet their business goals. Turn to inSegment the next time you need a website that reflects your company’s success.


    Web Design & Development

    Web Design
    Web Development
    Site Speed
    Hosting & Support
    Website Design & Development
    Content Creation

    Content is a key element to a functional website and our content team includes strategists, copywriters, and editors that have extensive, technical and non-technical experience, and the ability to produce excellent content across a variety of formats. We create unique, tailored, SEO-driven content for websites including blog articles, reports, white papers, and eBooks. We also craft technical, concise copy for pages that every business website needs, including FAQ pages, About Us pages, Contact Us pages, and products or services pages.

    Website Design & Development
    Website Design

    Our design planning begins with persona development, wireframing, and task list creation. From there, we design multiple site concepts, create iterations on these concepts, and design any supporting graphics the site will need. We then run thorough browser, user, and device testing to ensure we have a fast, functional, optimized design ready for launch. We make sure our partners can understand the design properly by offering training and support, including on-site or phone training sessions, virtual resources, and bug fixes.

    Website Design & Development
    Website Development

    We deliver visually stunning, custom-tailored, fully-integrated websites for our partners, guaranteeing the fast, functional websites that we know our partners need to succeed. We apply our collective engineer’s mindset to testing the site until it reaches peak performance and is ready for launch. Throughout our partnership, we analyze and optimize the site, making the design responsive, and the user experience (UX) more pleasant. We maintain high levels of analysis and optimization, ensuring the website performs to the highest standard throughout its life.

    Website Design & Development
    Search Engine Optimization

    Our SEO process starts with in-depth SEO audits, that help us discover areas of improvement, as well as opportunities for the SEO strategy. Our keyword research process, tag optimizations, site architecture and content improvements, digital PR and local SEO services, and more, combine to deliver all-in-one SEO campaigns that transform our partners’ websites into well-oiled, revenue-generating machines. With an in-house web development team, our search engine optimization services also include technical fixes, addressing the usability, speed, and functionality of your website.

    Website Design & Development
    Site Speed Optimization

    Our skilled web developers aim to maximize website speed, resulting in increased traffic, leads, and sales for our partners. By identifying and addressing potential issues that hinder website speed, such as unused code or plugins, loose image compression, and buggy functionality, we provide an enhanced user experience for website visitors. We implement page-by-page speed optimization improvements, to ensure that our partners’ websites load quickly and efficiently, providing an exceptional user experience and a higher Google rank.

    Website Design & Development
    Hosting & Website Support

    As a cyber-insured company, inSegment provides comprehensive website security services to protect our partners and clients from cyber threats. We offer both scheduled and urgent on-site security patching, and we prioritize website security by conducting regular security audits and real-time traffic monitoring to protect against brute force attacks, malware, and DDoS attacks. 

    We host in the US on Amazon Web Services SOC2 accredited infrastructure, relying on dedicated instances for production and testing environments, and we offer partners 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support with CDN traffic delivered through Cloudflare and dedicated SSL management services. 

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    Because of the results of each the first websites inSegment created for us, we have chosen to work within inSegment again and again.

    Dmitriy Iokhvid
    Taurus Investment
    Client testimonial video placeholder

    inSegment’s all-hands-on-deck approach has brought new thinking — new thinking about the strategy for our digital presence (website redesign, SEO) and, most importantly, how to position our brand to be relevant across multiple touchpoints, both on and offline.

    Abaigeal G. Dodd
    Marketing Director, RTD Logistics
    Client testimonial video placeholder

    With the goal of creating an end-user-friendly website where ordering products would be an easy, enjoyable, as well as educational experience for our customers, inSegment effortlessly made sure to meet all these standards and then some

    Barbara Devlin
    Product Education & Sales, Anna Lotan Pro USA
    Client testimonial video placeholder

    We love the look of our new website, absolutely love it. We get a lot of compliments on it; it’s functional, it’s easy to navigate, and definitely easy for us to manage.

    Jessica Bonetti
    Online Marketing Manager, Avidia Bank
    Client testimonial video placeholder

    We’re seeing a lot of good results from the website. And one of the things we hear is how intuitive the website is

    William Bauser
    Marketing Manager, Harvard University Employees Credit Union
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