How do SEO & PR work together

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In today’s competitive digital landscape, combining public relations (PR) and search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the one of the best ways to leverage both online PR and SEO. SEO and PR are two vital strategies for any marketer, and synergizing your efforts across both will massively improve a business’ online visibility and reputation. Let’s take a closer look at how PR – and online pr distribution in particular – works with SEO.

What is PR distribution exactly?

PR distribution is the practice of disseminating news and information about a business to the public through various media channels. Such channels can include, but are not limited to, social media posts, blog articles, and press releases. All of this content is designed and distributed to promote that business’ reputation and brand. 

The ultimate goal of PR distribution is to create a positive image of the company by igniting and nurturing relationships with the public as a whole, and individual media outlets. In recent years, predictably, online pr distribution services have become highly sought after.

Ways SEO and PR should be working together

As we’ve established, SEO and PR are two distinct strategies that can be beneficial when incorporated separately into a company’s overall digital marketing strategy. If that company wants to maximize the improvement of its online presence, however, utilizing both SEO and PR in tandem is the way to go. Here are some specific ways in which SEO and PR could and should be used together.

Targeting the right keywords 

SEO and PR are perfect teammates when it comes to identifying and targeting the most valuable keywords that will help to improve a company’s search engine rankings and online visibility. Any piece of PR content, regardless of where it will be disseminated, must include keywords that are relevant to that business and its target audience. Meanwhile, SEO efforts in this area should be focused on optimizing the website and website content for those same keywords.

Building quality backlinks

Another way in which PR distribution helps businesses is by building quality backlinks from reputable sources. This improves their search engine ranking and, in turn, their online authority. By creating quality content and distributing it to various media outlets and other reputable sources, businesses will earn invaluable backlinks that will generate a substantial boost to their SEO efforts.

Creating E-A-T content

Creating content that demonstrates expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T content) is the best way for a business to resonate with its target audience. SEO and PR efforts combine on this by ensuring that PR content, such as press releases and articles, are optimized for SEO. This can be done by including meta descriptions, and other elements that make the content more searchable and shareable, while also demonstrating the all-important trio of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. 

Enhancing online reputation

Promoting positive news about the business, its products and services, or its community efforts is a fantastic way to enhance that business’ reputation online through PR. Not only will this improve engagement and trust from customers, but it will lead to better search engine ranking and online visibility. 

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How do SEO & PR work together

Search Engine Optimization