What is web maintenance and why do you need it?

Web Maintenance

In the digital age, website functionality, user-friendliness, and mobile responsiveness are all key factors when you want to present your company appropriately online. One often overlooked factor is website maintenance, and it often ends up being the difference between a website that looks ok but has its problems, and a website that works the way it is supposed to. Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in website maintenance, why a website maintenance plan is vital, and how to select a website maintenance partner.

Why is a website maintenance plan important?

The first thing we need to get clear is what your website is in relation to your digital business. Your website is essentially your digital storefront. It is the first impression everyone has of your business, and just as you wouldn’t neglect a high street storefront, nor can you afford to neglect your website.

Not identifying, not resolving, or simply ignoring the problems with your website is unacceptable if you want to hit your business goals. These issues can have detrimental effects on your online presence, your business’ reputation, and, ultimately, your success in the marketplace. These kinds of failures are exactly what an effective website maintenance plan helps you prevent.

Web maintenance is the process of regularly updating, monitoring, and optimizing your website to make sure you can guarantee functionality, security, and updates. This is not a one-off task, but an ongoing commitment that keeps your online business running smoothly. Here are some more details on why a professional website maintenance plan will help you hit your goals and protect both your business and your visitors:


All websites are vulnerable to cyberattacks, hackers, and malware. As these malicious attacks and software become more sophisticated, it is important to conduct regular maintenance, including security updates and security checks to safeguard your website and your users’ sensitive information.


If your website is slow, users will leave, as has been shown time and again by various studies. Website maintenance will help you optimize your website’s performance, offering a continuously seamless user experience that will help keep users on your website for longer.

Content Updates

Content is king, and there’s a reason people never get sick of saying that. If you want your website to perform as promised, you need to keep it stocked with fresh, relevant content that will keep users engaged and on the site. Furthermore, standout content is essential to boost search engine performance which helps your primary source of organic traffic.


As technology evolves rapidly, web maintenance is the only thing that can ensure your website remains up-to-date. Compatibility with different devices is essential, but so too is browser compatibility, so you don’t lose out on any customers simply because of their choice of web browser.


Search engine algorithms strongly favor regularly updated and well-maintained websites. A coherent, thought-out website maintenance plan will boost your search engine optimization efforts, driving plenty of organic traffic to your website.

What are the average monthly web maintenance fees?

Now that we’ve wrapped our heads around the importance of website maintenance, you may be wondering how much these services cost. As you can imagine, the average monthly spend can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of your website, its size, the services you need, and the expertise and experience of the partner you’ve chosen.

Basic maintenance needs for simple websites can begin at a couple of hundred dollars per month, whereas more complex maintenance services could run upwards of $500 per month. Of course, for online businesses. This outlay is worth its weight in gold, given the vital nature of website maintenance. Investing in web maintenance is a smart decision that will likely save you from more expensive issues in the long term, and will let you guarantee a better user experience.

What to look for in a website maintenance partner

The final step in learning about website maintenance is to figure out how to choose the right partner. Here are a few key factors that you should consider when you are deciding which website maintenance partner is right for you:


Choose a company that has got a proven track record in providing web maintenance services. Once you’ve established their credentials, be sure to take a look at any client reviews and testimonials that you can find on their website. These will let you know whether or not their clients were happy with the services provided.

Services offered

Be sure to select a maintenance plan that covers everything you’re going to need. The basics will always be included, such as security updates, content updates, and optimization, but if you have a more complex website, make sure you cover your back and choose a comprehensive plan to avoid disappointment.


Like anyone else’s website, your website has unique requirements. The right web maintenance partner will offer you customizable plans that cater to your specific needs. Customization options often set the premier web maintenance providers apart from the chasing pack.

Communication and support

You’re going to need a partner that is clear and responsive with communication. Excellent customer support is key, and you will want a partner that is available whenever you need them. Consider remote and international that cross timezones and can be working on your issues any time, day or night.

inSegment is your trusted web maintenance service company

If you’re in need of a web maintenance service provider that ticks all of the above boxes, look no further than inSegment, Boston’s leading full-scale digital marketing agency. inSegment offers comprehensive custom-tailored plans to meet your website’s specific needs and your business goals.

With a team of skilled professionals, inSegment has a long track record of delivering web maintenance services that keep your website secure, performing optimally, and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Choosing inSegment as your web maintenance partner will give you the peace of mind that you need to focus on growing your business and serving your customer base.

What is web maintenance and why do you need it?

Web Maintenance