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You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and having a dynamic, visually stunning website is the first step in engaging your audience. At inSegment, we believe that all of your digital assets should be aesthetically pleasing and constructed using proven methods that encourage conversion.


    Innovative Website Designs That Increase Engagement

    Why should you choose inSegment for your website design? We understand that a visually appealing website will not be effective unless it’s also easy to use. That is why UI Design is one of the most important steps in our web design process. We review each section of every website we build with a fine-tooth comb to guarantee optimal usability.

    Drive Results with Conversion Architecture™

    In addition to ensuring ease of use, every website built by inSegment uses our proven, proprietary Conversion ArchitectureTM system. This methodology ensures that all website designs are engineered to maximize site conversions. A Conversion Architected site addresses the needs of every possible user-type, which increases the likelihood that a visitor will take a desired action. User personas are researched and developed before the design process begins. Then, the structure of the site is architected to reflect the path that each persona will take to get the information they need. With each click, our websites respond and adapt to guarantee that all visitors get the experience that will most likely lead to their conversion. Ultimately, all conversion paths lead to a form that serves to capture visitor information.


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