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Bringing It All Together: Social, SEO, and Content Marketing

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We’ve always said that the key to successful digital marketing is consistency in campaigns spread across multiple mediums.  As a full service digital marketing firm, we have always understood that a marketing initiative is a sum of all of its parts, and every segment of that initiative needs to be striking the same message.  We always love to see that mantra repeated in our industry; with this in mind, we were particularly inspired this week by Search Engine Watch’s post this week on making a compelling integrated marketing campaign using social media, content, and SEO tactics.  The theme behind the post is simple, and one that we at inSegment also advocate: integration is critical to marketing success, and the way to effectively integrate campaigns is to PLAN.

Careful planning at the outset of an integrated campaign is key to success, and we’re not just talking about planning how to execute marketing initiatives.  In order to plan a campaign and to evaluate your marketing plan and your content development plan, you have to know and understand all of these elements as they relate to your business:

1. How does my company make money?

2. Why does it make money in these ways?

Understanding the answers to these two questions will allow you to set realistic goals for your marketing efforts, and to make informed decisions about the best channels to utilize to achieve those goals.

Next, you need to organize your marketing strategy.  First, you need to know what message you want to portray with your marketing, and then organize that message like so:

A.Narrative– creating a story around a brand or product that will communicate best with customers;

B. Development– Once that story is outlined, develop the right message and then extend that message to the right people in the way they wish to digest the content.

C. Interaction– encourage dialogue with your consumers across platforms. Be cognizant of the mediums you use to reach different consumers, and the over-arching goals you have for each medium.  Want to increase your SEO standing?  Use an active content sharing medium, such as blogging.  Want to really segment and target your audience with tailored messages?  Use email campaigns.  Decide which social media platforms to use for which piece of your message; your options here are wide and varied,

D. Planning– Strategize how and when your content will be disseminated.  Develop content calendars, and be sure to constantly monitor trends and topics and adjust content scheduling to take advantages of trends.

This outline merely scratches the surface of planning an integrated planning strategy.  Check out Search Engine Watch to read more, or if it all seems like too much, check out our full range of digital marketing services.  Integrated campaigns are our specialty; we love putting all of the pieces together!