Cyber Monday a Historic Day for eCommerce

Cyber Monday a Historic Day for eCommerce

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Cyber Monday 2011Good news for online marketing! This past Monday, known by many as Cyber Monday, was the heaviest United States online spending day in history, according to comScore and Search Engine watch. Cyber Monday is much more than a gimmick implemented to provide retailers with a follow up to Black Friday (also much more popular than Small Business Saturday). On Cyber Monday 2011, approximately $1.25 billion was spent online (the only other day in which over $1 billion was spent online was Cyber Monday 2010).

More shopping was done from mobile devices than ever before. Mobile devices accounted for 6.58% of sales, as opposed to 2.25% a year ago. Mobile devices made up 10.75% of the site traffic, versus 3.88% from a year ago. These statistics are taken from an IBM Report, read the full report to see many more informative metrics about Cyber Monday 2011 against years past. You’ll be hard pressed to find a statistic in there that does not illustrate the popularity of cyber Monday this year as compared to previous years.

Another interesting finding from the report deals with the time at which most of the shopping is done. The majority of sales took place between 10 AM and 2:30 PM, which is during the common work day. Interestingly, this same trend took place in both 2009 and 2010, as well. However, this year, real-time sales had a very strong late surge in the afternoon into evening. The sales peaked at 9 PM and then rapidly declined to end the night. Contrast this against real-time sales from Black Friday, which peaked at about 7 AM (7 AM!) and steadily declined throughout the day.

Bing also released a report of their search trends on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For those interested in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, the categories with high search volumes were consumer electronics, toy-, game-, and fashion-related searches. Unfortunately for SEOs, searches for specific retailers and their Cyber Monday specials spiked (I say unfortunately because that is a tough battle to win).

Ultimately, there aren’t any online marketing takeaways from this that we did not already know. Mobile shopping is an area of eCommerce that can’t be ignored. The success of Cyber Monday is extremely encouraging for digital marketers. Historical trends indicate that the money spent online will only increase from here until Christmas. Hopefully, business will take notice and devote more of their assets to internet marketing.