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    inSegment has an ample history of creating and optimizing social media advertising campaigns for partners across industries. Our extensive research allows us to gather audience data, such as demographics, preferences, and behaviors, from which we are able to produce, promote, and proactively analyze eye-catching, conversion-focused, multimedia ads on the world’s most visited websites.

    We help partners plan, craft, and put effective social media advertising campaigns into action across the most popular platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, utilizing Influencer Marketing, and extensive market research, delivering tailored, targeted campaigns for our partners. Put your next Social Media Advertising campaign in the hands of inSegment to guarantee your efforts produce the boost to brand awareness, increase in engagements, and return on investment that you need for your company to continue growing.


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    Social Media Advertising
    LinkedIn Advertising

    As a platform that primarily helps employers, workers, and business people to connect with one another, LinkedIn offers exceptional B2B marketing opportunities. 

    Our detailed approach to LinkedIn marketing yields the best results for our clients, including boosting brand awareness, connecting with the appropriate target audience, and even increasing awareness of a specific service or product that our partners are offering. As with other social media websites, the devil is in the details, and we go beyond simply creating, planning, and regularly publishing content. We ensure your goals are set, your budget is appropriate, and you have fully-optimized profiles and content, enabling you to take the role of a thought leader within your industry.

    Social Media Advertising
    Influencer Marketing

    Combining elements of traditional celebrity endorsement with today’s content-driven approach to marketing places influencers, and those for whom they advertise, in a unique, opportunistic position. At inSegment, we go far beyond the basic idea of having someone with an audience talk about your product or service. We implement industry-leading tactics to make sure your influencer marketing campaign is a success. We do this by performing extensive, meticulous market and competitor research, finding you the right partners, and, vitally, marketing to influencers themselves.

    Social Media Advertising
    YouTube Advertising

    As a video-sharing platform, YouTube has the ability to run several different types of advertisements, all of which will benefit your company if implemented correctly. YouTube ads come in many shapes and sizes, including skippable ads within videos, non-skippable ads within videos, video discovery ads, and non-video ads. When utilized effectively, these ads can be your ticket to new leads, more sales, boosted traffic, and increased brand awareness. At inSegment, we understand the value of YouTube ads. Our step-by-step approach to content creation, publication, and optimization means your YouTube ads will be nurtured, almost alive, as they continue to bring more and more potential customers to your website, social channels, or YouTube profile.

    Social Media Advertising
    Facebook Advertising

    The world’s most popular social network, Facebook, is a platform that offers marketers many options when it comes to advertising. The massive, global audience allows integrations with other marketing channels and offers targeted paid ads. Facebook ads can take many forms, including video ads, image ads, carousel ads, collections ads, slideshow ads, and lead generation ads. Here at inSegment, our dedicated professionals walk with you every step of the way, from setting goals and defining your audience to creating and posting content and, of course, tracking the results and optimizing the campaign appropriately.

    Social Media Advertising
    Twitter Advertising

    Twitter has one of the largest and most loyal user bases of all social media platforms. It is ideal for networking – your clients, their clients, and your other work colleagues are all on Twitter – but it is also perfect for advertising. The recent decrease in advertising costs opens the door to many new opportunities for marketers who want to get their ads in front of hundreds of millions of users that have been identified as potential customers. Maximizing Twitter campaigns means dedicating time to staying ahead of current trends and implementing these trends into a constantly evolving strategy that delivers a huge ROI.

    Social Media Advertising
    Instagram Advertising

    Instagram was recently the “new kid on the block” battling social media giants, but thanks to Instagram advertising, the platform has become one of the major players. Influencer advertising was essentially born on Instagram, and when used correctly, it is extremely lucrative. Combining these efforts with paid ad campaigns directed at particular audience groups, and leveraging real-life trends to maximize your potential reach, will leave you with a unique Instagram advertising campaign that will boost your brand, considerably drive traffic and, ultimately, turn prospects into customers.

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      Regardless of your niche, you will benefit from our tailored social campaigns.

      Digital marketing strategies for retail & ecommerce websites

      Retail & eCommerce

      Online retail and eCommerce businesses have to navigate an incredibly competitive online marketplace. For these businesses, strong social media advertising campaigns are not an option, they are a necessity. Whether it’s paid campaigns or influencer collaboration, brands need popular, prominent products if they are going to drive sales. By utilizing the various USPs of each social media platform, eCommerce businesses can see ROI steadily increase and, over time, see their brand become more and more relevant.

      Online marketing services for financial & corporate websites

      Financial Services

      For financial service providers, social media advertising opens up a unique opportunity to engage with the next generation of digitally-focused customers. Younger adults want to bank online, and they want a financial institution that not only understands this, but thrives in the online environment. By running stellar, successful social media campaigns, financial institutions will generate more prospects, open more new accounts, build their brand and communication, and they will also show that they understand their target audience.

      Digital marketing for non-profit businesses


      Social media advertising gives non-profit organizations the chance to increase their funding pool dramatically as they engage with the world’s largest collective audiences. Tailored social media advertising campaigns not only offer non-profits the ability to publicly engage with investors, potential investors, and other interested parties, but it introduces these organizations to a whole new environment in which their brand can blossom. In today’s digital world, leveraging social media is often the difference between successful funding campaigns and fruitless endeavors.

      Digital advertising for higher education websites

      Higher Education

      For our partners in higher education, there are few tools as useful as a well-oiled social media advertising campaign. Modern students demand a higher education institution that is digitally driven, so engaging these future students online is essential. Social media helps institutions identify, target, and convert prospects into enrollments, not just through targeted ads, but by creating and promoting a brand that transcends any one student and the value they can bring to the institution. An institution with a firm following will always attract more applications, allowing higher education institutions to weed out unsuitable prospects, elevating their student body in the process.

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