Digital Cowboys

Digital Cowboys

Online Marketing

By Elizabeth Jackman

We talk often to our clients about Conversion Architecture* – the science of funneling traffic to your site and down navigable paths that lead to their sales pipeline.

Imagine this:

A green valley between two large mountains, one is steep and rocky, the other rounded and covered with trees. A river runs through the center of the valley and forms a pool at the base of a mountain.

The landscape is scattered with wild horses – some of them are loners, nibbling on the grass or calmly drinking from the pool, others are grouped together, splashing across the river, thundering down the mountain, or playfully nuzzling one-another.

Now imagine this:

A posse of cowboys, armed with spurs and lasso, enter the valley with one goal: to round up every last horse and drive them home to the ranch.

At the risk of sounding grandiose – that’s who web marketers are – cowboys. Digital Cowboys. Rounding up a variety of different web traffic, segmenting it, and driving it to dedicated webpages through various channels.

Conversion Architecture allows us to create a series of channels for the traffic to further segment itself once it has arrived at your website.

For example, a user searching for a “flat screen TV” clicks on a link to our client’s hypothetical website: The user arrives at a customized landing page, specifically designed to showcase flat screen televisions, and is presented with the following options:

  • Watch a video on our latest model!
  • Chat now with a flat screen TV specialist!
  • Download a flat screen TV user guide.
  • Call now to hear about our latest flat screen TV deals and specials!

Now, depending on how this user prefers to receive information, he will select one of these options, and in turn, give us further information about himself. Our website system, built with flexible conversion architecture, will continue to present this user with navigation options that give him more relevant data about the desired product, in the way he wishes to receive it. This dynamic experience also provides web marketers, aka, Digital Cowboys, with the opportunity to get to know more about the consumer as a lead and/or buyer.

This process enables us to deeply engage website visitors in a customized way, and provides numerous conversion opportunities to make a casual web searcher into a qualified web lead.

*Conversion Architecture was originally conceived and developed by inSegment Founder Alexander Kesler.