The Eponymous Jive Facebook Connector

The Eponymous Jive Facebook Connector

Social Media

By Elizabeth Jackman

As Google evolved its algorithm, social media and social networking became increasing important, that is, relevant, to achieving positive SEO results. I am sure you noticed back in ’09 when tweets started appearing in position 1 search results…?

Facebook has been very resistant toward allowing Google bots to creep away at their community pages, however, making indexing content within The Social Network, while not impossible, tricky. While the average individual may view this anti-Google policy as protection of their privacy, it makes it difficult for the public sector to carry out and measure integrated marketing programs.


Jive, a developer of social business software, announced today the release today of The Jive Facebook Connector.

Jive builds web-based, interactive social communities for companies and their customers. Jive’s Facebook Connector allows companies to integrate content from Facebook pages with their Jive communities, including user-generated content such as comments and posts.

Click on the video below to view a demonstration of how these two programs interact:

This cross-platform solution allow Facebook interactions to be copied and displayed in Jive communities, and vice-versa. It also creates an opportunity for content on company Facebook pages to be indexed on their Jive community page, and thus displayed on Google, and other search engine results pages (SERPs).

Jive says that, “Companies can now leverage user-generated content from their Facebook pages to improve SEO and increase click-throughs from search engines.”

To access and make use of Jive’s Facebook Connector, a company would have to be a client of Jive and operate a Jive community. However, there are a number of additional web strategies that a company can employ to build presence through social media activities – search engines index photos, videos (even on FB!), blogs, as well as Twitter and other feeds (Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, etc…).

If your brand commits to consistently participate in social networking and makes use of social media tools correctly (remember to use “No Follow” links!), not only will you better engage your target consumers/clients, you will raise your visibility in search engines, and increase the amount of visitor traffic to your site.