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    LinkedIn advertising offers unique opportunities, all of which we help partners utilize effectively. Our robust research, testing, and remarketing introduce our partners to the highest quality leads available on any social media platform. Similarly, LinkedIn allows you to target groups in a much more concise manner, targeting people according to job title or function, seniority, skills, company size, and degree type. 

    We maximize these functions to deliver the best results for our clients, including boosting brand awareness, identifying and connecting with the appropriate target audience, and increasing awareness of a specific service or product that our partners are offering. We ensure your goals are set, your budget is appropriate, and you have fully optimized profiles and content, enabling you to take the role of a thought leader within your industry. Next time you run a LinkedIn advertising campaign, turn to inSegment to see results you didn’t think were possible.


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    LinkedIn Advertising
    Account-Based Marketing

    We identify high-value accounts and target specific decision-makers within those accounts, allowing our partners to engage with their target accounts on a deeper, personalized level. We do this by targeting them with content and messaging designed to resonate with their specific pain points and needs. This helps to increase brand awareness and loyalty, and generate high-quality leads, which boost our partners’ results in terms of lead generation, sales, and customer retention, driving their ROI from digital. 

    LinkedIn Advertising
    A/B Testing

    We identify your target audience and their interests, intent, and behavior, so that we can craft a selection of impactful ads. We then conduct thorough A/B testing to ensure the ads we run are optimized, engaging, and speak to the potential clients that our market and competitor research identified. Following this initial stage of testing, we consistently track and report, enabling us to adjust where we see opportunities, maximizing our partners’ returns from their LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

    LinkedIn Advertising

    Our remarketing efforts are successful on LinkedIn thanks to our in-depth research, regular analysis, and industry insights. Our full-scale capabilities mean we can identify any lost leads, any users that have shown an interest in your products or services, or services and products that are similar to yours, and re-engage them, reintroducing them to your offerings, and boosting the probability of them converting.

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    inSegment has been instrumental in helping us build an effective lead-generating machine. This partnership has improved KPIs across the board, including a 33% increase in conversion volume on Google and a 567% increase on LinkedIn.

    Brandon Santos
    Head of Digital, Bombora
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