What is programmatic advertising & when can you use it?

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Programmatic advertising has become an essential tool for any business looking to engage efficiently with its targets in recent years. As real-time bidding and automated ad buying grew, programmatic advertising took the world by storm and became a highly effective method of optimizing ad campaigns and increasing conversions.

Let’s take a closer look at programmatic advertising, its effectiveness, and the most relevant platforms that businesses must become familiar with and comfortable with if they are to successfully leverage their programmatic advertising strategy

The definition of programmatic ads

If we want to define programmatic advertising, we can say that it refers to the use of an automated system to buy and place digital ads in real-time. As opposed to relying on human intervention to negotiate and purchase any ad inventory, programmatic advertising utilizes machine learning and algorithms to target specific audiences and deliver ads efficiently and effectively.

With programmatic advertising, the range of targeting options is broad. Businesses can identify, target, and reach their ideal customers with a high level of precision, whether they look according to demographics, locations, interests, or behaviors. Just as there is a range of targeting options, so too are there a variety of channels across which advertisers can leverage programmatic advertising, including social media, display ads, video, and mobile.

Is programmatic display advertising really effective?

If I had to answer this question in a word, that word would be yes… Programmatic advertising can be extremely effective, but the ads used and the targets identified must be done as part of a broad, coherent strategy.

The upsides of programmatic advertising are clear: precise targeting, automated optimization, and real-time reporting. These measures allow businesses to track their ad spend and utilize their budget effectively and efficiently. 

Furthermore, programmatic advertising offers great flexibility in ad delivery and targeting. The variety in channels through which ads can be disseminated grants businesses the ability to reach their audiences wherever they are.

However, the effectiveness of the programmatic ads themselves depends massively on two factors: the quality of the ad creatives, and the standard of the targeting strategy.

To truly see the results desired with programmatic advertising, businesses have to invest in top-quality ad creatives that not only engage target audiences but resonate with them. On top of this, a precise targeting strategy is essential to ensure the right people see your ad in the right place at the right time.

What programmatic advertising platforms are there?

As you can imagine, there are several options when it comes to choosing a programmatic advertising platform for businesses, each with its own combination of features and capabilities. Some of the most popular are:

Google Ads

Google Ads includes a wide array of programmatic advertising options, including native ads, display ads, and video ads. Google’s vast network of publishers and advertisers allows businesses to target and reach their audiences with precision.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising offers even more programmatic ad options, such as image ads, video ads, and carousel ads. Facebook Ads grants businesses access to a massive user base, virtually guaranteeing they will find their ideal customers in the crowd.

See results from your programmatic ads

Programmatic advertising is a simple concept, that can prove to be difficult to leverage successfully. At times, turning to professionals with decades of experience is the right decision when your expertise lay in other areas of your business.

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What is programmatic advertising & when can you use it?

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