B2B PPC: Make January Your Super Month

B2B PPC: Make January Your Super Month


For B2B advertisers, December usually brings with it a hefty lump of coal; December is traditionally the lowest performing month for B2B PPC. Consumers are too preoccupied with personal shopping and the holiday season to be too concerned with researching and purchasing good and services for their businesses. Quarter 4 is a boon to ecommerce and B2C, but a black hole to B2Bs. But just because the end of the year wasn’t a productive advertising time for your brand doesn’t mean that you can’t come out of the gate swinging in Quarter 1. Search Engine Watch declares January the “month of golden opportunity” B2B advertisers.

Making use of seasonality can really benefit your brand. How do you make January your B2B season? Some suggestions:

  1. Prepare – be frugal at the end of Q4. Since you know December is not going to be a profitable month for you, plan ahead and start conserving your budget from Thanksgiving to December 31. When January hits, up your spending and promote your campaigns. Additionally, test increasing bids on top performing keywords; your competitors might be trying to make January their month as well. Make sure that you’re still keeping an eye on your conversion costs and ROI – don’t spend money wastefully.
  2. Execute – get creative with ads. Ecommerce marketers get to use Santa Claus and Christmas incessantly in their December ads. Get seasonal and incorporate New Year messaging into your January ads. Just like personal resolutions, businesses set goals in January, along with budgets. Hit them while they’re thinking ahead.
  3. Test – test everything! After the December dip, traffic is potentially at its highest in January. Use this wave to test new landing pages, ad copy, and offers.

Thinking seasonally can be beneficial for all SEM marketers; while it might seem more challenging for B2B focused advertising, making January your big season can generate great results. Need help starting the year off on the right foot? Our Demand Generation team has extensive experience with SEM strategies, including PPC, and can help your brand find a way to turn January into a prime opportunity for profits.