Don’t Leave Your Customers Brokenhearted: How to Create a Great Valentine’s Day Campaign

Don’t Leave Your Customers Brokenhearted: How to Create a Great Valentine’s Day Campaign

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It’s that time of the year again. Some call it Singles Awareness Day, but most of us know it as Valentine’s Day. A day where love, romance, and chocolate fill the air. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to approach your crush or send a special message to your loved one. However, it also gives brands a chance to get involved in the festivities.

In general, holidays are good opportunities for brands to start campaigns and gain awareness. It’s estimated that the average person will spend $135.10 on Valentine’s Day gifts. Considering that statistic, a little holiday creativity can go a long way.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get creative. If your brand can create something that will emotionally connect to potential customers, your Valentine’s Day will be a huge success. Many brands have done this in the past and been successful. Others have failed to capitalize on this opportunity, or worse, have completely botched a great idea. Below you can find some good and bad examples that will help get your creative juices flowing.

Great Valentine’s Day Campaigns:

  • Romance on Demand – In 2013, car service company Uber created a unique and engaging Valentine’s Day campaign. On February 14, Uber users could request flowers to be sent to their loved ones by an Uber driver. Uber had a simple yet very useful idea that their users loved. They also created a great promotional video and complimented it with a social hashtag, #romanceondemand. Uber added some Valentine’s Day romance while staying true to their convenient and innovative nature.
  • Will You Barry Me? – Barry’s Bootcamp, a gym offering group fitness classes, made a simple yet effective campaign in honor of Valentine’s Day. On their Boston location Facebook page they posted a picture of an exercise band shaped like a heart with the words “Will You Barry Me” written across the picture. Barry’s is using an eye catching picture and a catchy slogan to promote a free trial on Valentines’ Day for first time users.

Poorly Executed Campaign:

  • Tweethearts – Necco is a New England candy manufacturer and the manufacturer of the Valentine’s Day favorite Sweethearts. This year Necco created a campaign where customers could tweet to create personalized messages on Sweetheart candies and purchase a one pound bag for a special someone. In theory, this was a great idea. However, their execution was lacking. The Tweethearts Twitter page, @tweethearts, automatically tweeted anyone who created custom candies. The automated tweets had one of several messages that were previously chosen to be displayed. It appears that no one is managing the account because the account has tweeted customers using profanities and even people complaining about the price of the product.

Holidays present a unique opportunity for brands to get involved. Not to mention, holiday spending is a huge opportunity. Americans alone will spend $17.3 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts. That being said, great holiday content and creativity can generate sales and awareness. If you need help generating and managing ideas and content reach out to inSegment’s PR and Social Media team. If you need some quick tips you can also look at one of our previous blogs about content marketing.