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Summer and SEO– A Season for Link Building

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summer seoMemorial Day is looming right around the corner, bringing with it the season of barbeques, festivals, holidays, and company events – summertime has almost officially arrived.  Several companies take advantage of the season to host events, from conferences to trade shows to networking picnics.  Most marketers know that summer is a great time for industry networking; however, many don’t realize that it’s a great time for digital link building.  By being aware of what’s happening in your industry, and proactively planning how to invest your time and resources based upon those upcoming events, you can increase your own and your clients’ search rankings.

How do you keep track of what’s on the horizon?  Use an old public relations planning standby – the 12 month calendar.  In order to build links, you have to know what’s happening – last minute efforts won’t yield any results.  Make you list as comprehensive as you can; include industry events, conferences, awards, and even competitor activity.  Knowing what your competitors are up to will allow you to plan your own initiatives accordingly.  Keeping a list this comprehensive will require a lot of research and maintenance – as well as a little bit of creativity.

There are four main types of events that should be on your planning calendar

1. Industry Events:

These are the trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions that are relevant to your industry.  Even if you aren’t planning on going to any of them, creating content relevant to the topic or theme of that event and distributing it around the time of the conference allows you to piggyback off of the attention and success of that event.

2. Your Company’s Events:

Knowing about upcoming product launches, campaign initiatives, or sponsored events will help you diversify your link building focus.  Furthermore, it will help boost the ROI of those events – by helping boost your search rankings and publicity, the money spent on those individual segments will help your link building as a whole.

3. Seasonal Holidays and Opportunities:

This is where that creativity comes in.  Taking advantage of unique angles – such as federal holidays, officially licensed holidays (such as “Get Caught Reading Month” or “Drive in Movie Day”), and seasonal events offer journalists and bloggers a better opportunity to create content around your campaign, giving it  more earned media, more exposure, and more links.

4. Your Own Events:

When your calendar is filled in with all of the above, you’ll quickly notice if there are any gaps in the calendar.  Gaps are fine in and of themselves; however, if you are unhappy with a period of time without any promotional campaigns, create your own initiative to fill those gaps in.

This Search Engine Watch article discusses how marketers can use the PR planning calendar to build links in even greater detail.  And remember, inSegment has a significant amount of expertise in tying SEO methods to public relations practices.  So, start filling in those planners, and take advantage of the busy summer season to start building links and boosting your SEO rankings today!  Not sure where to start?  We can always help with that too.