PPC & Paid Search Management

Increase conversions, decrease cost per acquisition

With ad placements and keywords growing more competitive each day, we’re here to ensure you’re making full use of every paid search option.

inSegment leverages advanced ad platforms combined with our industry expertise and dynamic methodology to help you maximize reach and bidding, drive quality leads, and increase conversion rates.

Our unique and strategic approach to paid search allows us to deliver measurable, high-impact results that exceed your goals and yield the highest possible ROI.



    Our PPC programs incorporate best-in-class strategies to drive conversions, increase the profitability of digital advertising campaigns, and outperform the competition.
    • Keyword Research
    • Ad Grouping
    • Ad Copy A/B Testing
    • Landing Page CRO
    • CPC Bid Optimization
    • Negative Keyword Research
    • Site & Category Exclusions
    • Full-Funnel Tracking
    • Mobile Campaigns
    • Audience Segmentation
    • and more!
    We continuously monitor PPC campaigns, which enables us to respond in real time and ensure optimal results. Our number one goal is to drive qualified traffic to strategic landing environments while reducing the cost of that traffic.

    Let inSegment help:

    • Optimize your PPC campaigns so you only receive the leads you want
    • Ascend your presence to the top of the SERP with flexible & scalable strategies
    • Achieve the highest possible return on your marketing investment
    • Optimize bids based on seasonality, desktop vs mobile, audience segments, and more
    Successful PPC management gives you top-of-the-SERP exposure that drives relevant traffic and quality prospects immediately.


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