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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a key component in many of our integrated demand generation campaigns. One of the reasons why we value PPC as a tactic is because it is entirely measurable. We can assess each and every lead on a granular level and determine where the greatest ROI potential lies.

Paid Search campaigns are dynamic and flexible; strategies and budgets can be scaled up or down as the campaign requires. Our Demand Generation team continuously monitors ROI, enabling real time response and ensuring optimal profitability. Our number one goal is to increase qualified traffic to strategic landing environments while reducing the cost of that traffic.

Even the most fast-paced, detail oriented campaign is nothing without a solid starting point. Our process begins with comprehensive keyword research, informed by a unique approach to search term generation. Through creative strategies and relentless information seeking, we identify long-tail search term sets and short-tail opportunities.

inSegment is AdWords certified, which means that Google recognizes our company as one of the best in the business. You can be sure that your PPC program incorporates best-in-class techniques and strategies to outperform your competition.

To see how our PPC tactics benefit our clients read our case study below:

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