Website Makeover Tips

Checklist: 5 Steps to Take When Considering a Website Makeover

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Periodically redesigning and redeveloping your website maintains company success.  A fresh look, new features, and updated content never hurt anybody…or did it?  There are a few steps and topics to definitely consider before relaunching your website, in order to ensure success:

  1. SEO- Poor search results severely hinder a website’s success.  If no one can find you online, they can’t utilize what you have to offer. Keywords and links, as frequently discussed, are crucial to optimizing a site’s SEO. When you design your site, double-check that you are still optimizing your site for search engines. Visit our SEO blog page for current ideas.
  2. Know the competition- Do your research.  Closely examine your competitors’ recent site updates and relaunches.  Paying attention to their triumphs and mistakes allows you to learn about those missteps without making them yourself.
  3. Appearance- Although this may seem like common sense, many underestimate the power of a visually appealing webpage. Giving your page an attractive design while keeping it easy to navigate is essential.
  4. Sharp content- With all the different advice flying around about how to create a successful website, it’s important to remember the point of a website.  Your content should always remain focused and clear.  Your viewers visit your site for a reason; make sure you do not forget to give them one.
  5. Usability- Multiple types of mobile devices have internet capability today.  Make sure your website is compatible with each one.  It will increase visitors’ ease of use and give them more options to access your page.

From a development angle, many experts offer the same advice.  Dedicate your attention to one piece of the site at a time, ensuring its full functionality before moving on to another section. Think of it as if building one room of a house completely at a time.  This will increase attention to detail.

Redesign Example:

Bing- Very recently, Bing released a completely re-vamped website.  They efficiently combined the elements discussed above to do so.  Beginning with the logo, the new design more closely resembles other Microsoft logos, making it more identifiable.  They then directed their focus on two specific pieces of the website, Video and News, showing their agile development.  See our article outlining the specifics of their changes for more ideas. Overall, their changes appear successful, improving both their brand recognition and website features.