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Digital Marketing is Growing- Are You on Board?

Online Marketing

Every marketer these days is aware that opportunities are aplenty online, but do you know just how important the digital realm is to marketing? According to a new report by marketing research firm Gartner, 25% of surveyed marketers’ budgets were dedicated to digital efforts. As Direct Marketing News reports, that is a projected increase of 9% for 2013.


What were the three main areas that those increased digital budgets were going towards?


1. Company Websites

2. Social Media

3. Digital Advertising


What does this mean? Companies are recognizing that every aspect of their online presence, from their company website to their Twitter feed, is an opportunity to seek out, engage, and convert visitors into customers. This research backs up our approach to digital marketing, is that strategically building your online presence with an eye towards conversion is the best way to stand out in a rapidly expanding, rapidly changing environment.


The study also stated that business to business companies tend to spend more on digital marketing than strictly consumer-facing companies. As Direct Marketing News explained, B2B company success depends upon streamlining the sales process. Optimizing a company’s website for sales allows a company to compress the sales cycle, and move other companies along the track without directly involving a sales team, which can prolong the sales cycle. inSegment’s B2B clients all have tailored their websites o complement their sales process. However, websites are also critical components of B2C companies for ecommerce operations and customer convenience.


inSegment’s company philosophy is based heavily on the finding s of this report: that a company’s digital presence can be strategically aligned to increase that businesses commercial interests.  Everything from a website’s design to a company’s blog can be utilized to provide customer and user engagement, increase a company’s industry reputation, as well as work as an arm of the company’s marketing department, identifying and capturing leads. Our services are based upon our Conversion Architecture, which outlines this belief in more detail.  We were extremely excited to see our own research and conclusions about digital marketing confirmed and supported in Gartner’s study, and in Direct Marketing News’s coverage of the findings.


And one trend we’re counting as an extra benefit noted in the Gartner report- as digital marketing budgets have increased, digital marketers salaries are also starting to rise!