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Facebook Will Now Offer Verified Accounts; Are You on the Guest List?

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Willy Wonka Golden TicketFacebook is about to get a little more exclusive.  Like Willy Wonka handing out Golden Tickets to five lucky children, the social media site will begin offering verified accounts to specific brand and public figure pages.  The verification badges, which will be available for both profiles and pages, will look almost identical to Twitter’s verification feature, with a white checkmark against a solid, light blue circle.

So who exactly will be vetted by the site and offered a certificate of authenticity?  In a blog post announcing the news, Facebook elaborated slightly on who was a potential target for verified accounts.

“Verified pages belong to a small group of prominent public figures (celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses) with large audiences,” the post reads.

In the initial verification phase, celebrities, journalists, and luxury brands have been the first to receive verification.  Facebook approached these users with the badge; verification did not require any action on the users’ part.

Facebook will continue rolling out the verifications over the next few days, starting with the largest pages that are most vulnerable to duplication.  How the process will work exactly is, much like Twitter’s verification process, mainly internal, with almost no details as to how one’s profile or page is actually verified.

The verification badge is meant to be a way to curb malicious or inauthentic duplicate pages and profiles, which have been a problem for several brands on the platform.  The blue check mark-bearing badge identifying verified pages will appear in timelines, stories, search results, news feed ads, and while users hover over the name of a page elsewhere on the site.

Even if you’re not on the VIP verification list, using social media effectively to market yourself and your brand is critical to digital success.  Our social media management team knows how to leverages these platforms, including Facebook, to help your business achieve its marketing goals.  We’re sure our verification is in the mail.