How the World is Using Social Media

How the World is Using Social Media

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Social media has become an integral part of any online marketing campaign. As with all technologies it is good to have an idea of what is going on in the world at large regarding social media. That is why I was excited to see this interesting infographic on Mashable.

By understanding the user base of different social networking sites we can better speak to them. This is especially important for companies that do business in many different countries. For example, if there is a company who operates in the United States it makes sense for them to engage with consumers on Facebook as 70.65% of the population uses it. However, if they also sell products in Japan they should be on another platform as well considering that Facebook is not one of their more popular social media sites.

Professional networking is another important aspect of conducting business on the internet. If you want to connect with other business people in your industry and you live in the US it makes sense to use LinkedIn especially if you want to connect with people in Australia who has a higher user rate by about 1%.

Blogging is another aspect of internet marketing that comes highly recommended. There is always the question of which of the many platforms to use for your corporate blog. Well, in the US the most popular blogging platform is Blogger at 23.96%. However, if your company wants to target Brazilian citizens with its blog you might want to consider Overblog. Something else interesting that these trends show is that Blogger is more popular than WordPress the world over.

This infographic really shows how digital trends that begin in one country can quickly spread to another. Every one of the countries listed other than Japan had Facebook listed as one of their most popular social networking sites. Facebook was started in the US but it has quickly spread all over the globe. It really goes to show how much technology is aiding globalization.