It’s 2014 and Mobile is Here to Stay

It’s 2014 and Mobile is Here to Stay

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The New Year is upon us and as you may have expected, technology is changing right before our eyes. It should come as no surprise that the mobile landscape is becoming more and more relevant for companies and marketers alike. According to research from Pew Internet, 91% of American adults have a cell phone and 56% of American adults have a smartphone. These numbers may seem relatively high, but it’s important to keep in mind that they will only increase in the future.

Although people may be using mobile devices more often, their activity on these mobile devices doesn’t differ much from their usual PC activity. For example, Google still reigns supreme on mobile search and Facebook is still hugely popular among mobile users. The sheer convenience of mobile use is causing people to shift from PC to mobile at a staggering rate.

Considering this shift to mobile, companies cannot afford to ignore mobile users.  If people are using their mobile devices the same way they use their PC’s, then there is a quick fix to the current onslaught of mobile traffic; create  user friendly mobile websites and advertisements. It should be just as easy to use a mobile website as it is to use a website on a PC.

This shift also affects advertising. Advertising on mobile can be tricky. Phones offer a small surface area that doesn’t bode well for the aesthetic component of ads. Ads that are usually seen in margins or as banners can be distracting on mobile sites. For this reason, websites and advertisers have to get creative and insert ads in a natural and tasteful manner.

If you’re not entirely convinced of the mobile trend, here are some numbers provided by Adage:

–          United States mobile ad spending in 2013 was $8 billion

–          Projected share of world population with smartphones in 2014 will be 24%

–          Average minutes per day that adults spend on their mobile devices: 141 minutes

If you haven’t already, there is no better time to improve your mobile presence. For more detailed information about how to optimize your mobile site, contact inSegment’s web development team and we can get you on the right track.