Deep Media Lead Nurturing

Think Outside the Inbox

Recently introduced by inSegment, Deep Media Nurturing is a best-of-breed lead nurturing solution. Lead nurturing is a critical component of any B2B or higher education marketing campaign so why limit it just to email? Your marketing automation platform may not be enough.

If your lead scores are low and email automation simply isn’t cutting it, please request a free consultation and improve your pipeline.


Omni-Channel Lead Nurturing

If you subscribe to a system like Hubspot, Marketo, or Pardot, just to name a few, for your marketing automation, you are probably leaving sales-qualified leads on the table. These platforms are all focused on e-mail nurturing. While e-mail automation is nice, four out of five marketers say their email open rates don’t exceed 20%. Four out of five leads are dying on the vine!

One channel simply isn’t enough. That’s why we developed our Deep Media
Nurturing solution, which includes:


Paid Search Ads
Search – paid search ads targeted based on email address and keyword

Social Media
Social – Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Premium Programmatic Display
Premium Programmatic Display – banners targeted by email address

Dynamic Retargeting
Dynamic Retargeting – creative shown based on site activity

Email – newsletter sponsorships

Increase Lead Scores & Improve Conversion Rates

inSegment’s Deep Media Nurturing program is designed to reach your leads, with customized messaging based on his/her stage in the buyer’s journey naturally fitting into that user’s environment. Each interaction leads to a higher lead score, ultimately driving more of your leads to become marketing- or sales-qualified.
If your lead pipeline is full of a ton of top of funnel leads seemingly stuck there, this is the right program for you. Finally nurture your leads effectively.
More Sales-Qualified Leads. More Wins.


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