Digital Marketing Training

Close Skill Gaps. Improve Your ROI

To reach peak performance, your organization needs a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and efficient workforce. However, with the constantly changing technology and marketing landscape, developing and advancing your employees’ skillsets can be challenging.

With years of experience producing ROI driven marketing solutions for clients across all industries, we deliver actionable, comprehensive, and personalized training programs to ensure digital marketing success.


Custom, On-Site, Marketing Team Training Programs

Our Digital Marketing Training program is customized, flexible, and designed to meet your organization’s needs and budget. This unique training program offers:

  • Intensive and interactive learning experiences with tangible take-aways
  • A wide range of industry-relevant topics with live demonstrations and examples
  • Flexible training formats ranging from on-site bootcamps to virtual webinars
  • Custom curriculum tailored to meet your specific digital marketing needs
  • Both short-term bootcamps and long-term trainings


Learn from Experienced & Successful Digital Marketers

Different from most of the industry training programs available, our Digital Marketing Training program are led by current practitioners. These passionate subject matter experts are management level+ inSegment employees who run campaigns daily, which ensures that our training content is always practical, relevant, and up-to-date.

We take our trainings very seriously. We evaluate the success of our program by not only what your team learns, but also whether the learnings had positive impact on your business. After the completion of our program, we conduct interviews with your team’s management and executives to measure the business impact of the training.


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